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For someone who is considering selling their home, we will provide a walk-thru evaluation for the seller, which will include a complete CMA (Comparable Market Analysis) along with this, we will provide a list of recommended “getting your home ready to sell” lists and any work which needs to be done in order to put the home on the market. Our construction division will provide the work and get the home ready to sell, (we have a construction division which includes a “general contractor” and “roofing Contractor”). Commercial buildings, real estate listing, real estate valuation.

We also are “proactive” in getting a home inspection completed right up front BEFORE the buyer comes along in order to address these issues and resolve them in the beginning, this will include a “WDO” report to establish any termite problems or rot repair, again BEFORE the buyer is in the picture.

We are a “family” business that believes in having a “personable touch” so the client has someone they know that is handling their real estate personally and professionally.

We agree to treat our clients with the “highest regard” and make the transaction smooth in buying or selling real estate.

2nd Generation family owned company with over 30 Years experience, Florida native, Christian environment, reliable, honest, providing highest degree of professionalism & integrity.

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We offer a wide range of services to a client wanting to buy or sell. REAL ESTATE LISTING.

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