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One of the most important steps you can take as a prospective seller is getting your house ready for the “market”. This is where we will go through a complete checklist and compile a “punch list” of items to ensure your home is attractive to a prospective buyer.

We also encourage you to have a home inspection completed to ensure all items have been corrected up front; this does 2 things, it will save time and money when a buyer comes along ready to purchase your home, and it also SAYS to a buyer, that you have been pro-active in resolving any issues that will pop up on the “home inspection” report.

Our construction department will perform the punch list and have your home ready for the market, this is one more reason to choose FORD for all of your real estate needs, ONE STOP SHOP!

We want to make this process as stress free as possible for you and we know you have other things to focus on. Ford also has a roofing company to provide roofing services for our clients should roof repairs or roof replacement be required.


One of the most important steps you can take as a prospective buyer is getting pre-qualified with a lender.

Knowing your price range and down payment amounts, positions you as a credible buyer in the eyes of a seller and gives you negotiating power. Then when we find “the one” you will be ready to make an offer knowing that financing the sale is not a problem.

Together we will pursue the step-by-step process towards a successful transaction by finding the best location, the price you need, the financing you want, and the timeframe you desire.

By researching the comparable properties as well as the recently sold homes, we will help you make a wise buying decision.

After the offer is made and accepted, the next process is known as escrow. This is when the purchase contract is sent to the title company for a title search and document preparation.

There will be time for a home inspection, finalize your loan, and line up property insurance for your new home. Ford Real Estate Capital buyers and sellers in real estate. Ford Real Estate Capital real estate services - residential - commercial

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